Students’ Poems – Haiku Workshop 2015

Haiku Poetry Writing Workshop at the Newcastle Writers' Festival 2015

Haiku Poetry Writing Workshop at the Newcastle Writers’ Festival 2015

Here are a few wonderful Haiku poems written by Year 4-6 Students at my recent ‘Haiku Workshop’ at Newcastle Writers’ Festival.

Topics included the beach, animals, foods, sports and hobbies, special people and anything else that the students felt inspired to write about.



WINTER (Isabella)

Snow falls from the sky

It is cold all the time now

I’ll rug up in bed


THE BEACH (Isabella)

Blue water crashing

Salty hot chips in my mouth

Relax on the sand



Strawberries are red

They are delicious and fun

Red fruits with black seeds


MY POPPY (Sarah)

Twinkle in his eyes

Always there when I need him

Smiling all the time



Dark brown hair like trees

A dark light tan from the beach

Eyes like blue diamonds



White fur like a cloud

Loves to eat grass from the ground

Loves playful children



Blowing in the wild wind

Need more water to drink, to live

Look, some happy children!



Have you played Netball?

Have you ever watched it before?

Come and play Netball!


Well done to all who participated-happy writing!

Deborah 🙂