Haiku Poetry

As well as writing for children, I love to write Haiku poetry.

You will find some of my more recent work in:


‘Animal Encounters’ (Catchfire Press 2013)



‘Watermark’ (Catchfire Press 2014).

watermark pic


‘Home is the Hunter’ (Catchfire Press 2016)



I have contributed several Haiku to local illustrator Liz Anelli’s wonderful Newcastle Port Map, situated on the outside of the Maritime Centre in Honeysuckle.





haiku small

‘Haiku Journey’ is a collection of Haiku I wrote during the two years I spent in Japan.

It has been beautifully illustrated with brush paintings by well known Lake Macquarie artist, Stephen Cassettari.

To order a copy please head over to the ‘Books’ tab at the top of the page and click ‘buy now’.